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Andromeda Marketing Pvt Ltd
Pf fund not received

I have Filled my Pf form 8 month before but still i dint received the amount, I have been mailing them for the status but no nobody is ready to give one reply I just been mailing on & My Pf number is MH/41081/38219 employee id 715207 My name is ...

Sigma Manpower

We, M/s. Techno Fire Control Pvt. Ltd. recommended that M/s. SIGMA MANPOWER is Mumbai's number one Manpower Provider. We recommended all employers are wanted Staff for your organization Contact SIGMA MANPOWER they provide good and efficient candidates for our requirements. We already appointed two ...

Collabera Baroda
Collabera HR Culture & Politics

If you are one of those aspirants out of college or a migrant from Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Pune, Indore to Vadodara, please make sure you take this letter with utmost importance before joining employer like Collabera. Human beings are treated as bonded laborers, who when asked to lick can lick. Frankly ...