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Dear Sir/Madam

(Person Responsele for CIBIL)

I request you to kindly remove my name from CIBIL .Because it's seeming I have to go to consumer forum and charge huge compaignsation .I'm also hurt as you recievied their complain against me without checking. No body in our constitution and country have the right to unnecessary play with any bodys prestidge, but as you are doing great job so idon't want to inttrupt you .

But you are also spoiling many customers life and prestige .

So when I will take step Idon't want to touch you so you please remove my name from your site within 48 hours.If You Need any evidence call me, meet me and provide an email ID so that I can Send scanned and attached pdf. files

Below is the mail I had sent to info@cibil .com

Flag this messageAttention! Missuse of ur site by ur members to hide themselves and their fault behind youFriday, 13 June, 2008 6:59 PM

From: "sudeept biswas" Add sender to Contacts To: info@cibil.comMessage contains attachmentsFor Cibil Cent Card.pdf (284KB), For Cibil.pdf (2675KB), For Cent Card0005.pdf (943KB), ge reciept.doc (1558KB), ge wel come letter.doc (2253KB)Dear Sir

Its very pathetic to say some of your members in spite of listening to the customer and resolving the customers needs and issues are hiding their faults themselves behind you, by putting all blames to the customers.

They are cowards because they are afraid of disclosing their name as if they are defaulters themselves.

This thing decaying your esteem. I'm hereby trying to show you their some of the activities.

1) A bank issued a card which have same date for issuance and expiry. This shows their negligence and lack of experience.Copy of card is attached as pdf file.

a) They sent their 1st and all statement mentioning Immediate as due date(accept one, may for the month of Dec 07).copy of this stmt is attached as pdf file

Normally if any customer doesn’t pays a min amount due as on due date then he gets a statement mentioning Immediate as due date.But no one can get his 1st Statement as Immediate because billing date and due date are compulsory and mandatory to be mentioned by any company who is sending monthly bills it may be a bank or electricity deptt or may be telecommunication companies.

They had done this because they don’t have proper infrastructure, proper knowledge and experience. But full of greed because this is on of the source of income by ruining the customer to make over their losses because they among are sick Fin Companies and so they collapsed and have to merge with other bank.

B) They don’t have any valid local no as Customer per the matter of their toll free helpline, I have Tata indicom at home and Air tel & Reliance at office this is same with STD Booths.They are connected with Air Tel Now days.Helpline can be called by BSNL & MTNL Is not available in the cities at M.P. and C.G. But no matter I had tried and beared the STD rates to talk with them .Their response was very much un professional.The shocking thing is that when they says that they don’t have any Floor/Team - Manager/Supervisor or any Mail ID.This is lie because by some body’s suggestion I got it by calling ICICI bank Cust Care.

C) They don’t have separately any collection manager for here for this they have to depend on Icici bank’s Colln Manager .But u fortunately the vacant post have been occupied by very recently.It was vacant for along time but their collection strategies for cards are very neat and clean, they had a good customer care service too so I din’t suffer for it( Only once but the Customer Care waved it off and agreed as their fault with no hesitation in just 1 Ph call, nicely I have to appreciate them)

D)I have all other cards wholes limits are of 42000-43000 and I make avg payment 10000-25000. I had several times made the payment more than the total amount

due. So I’m not a defaulter so kindly remove my name from your site .Other wise I will have knock to customer care.

Case 2

Near about every fin Company takes a cheques leaving the place of date blank some times the amount place blank too but always crossed in the favor of company’s account because some times the date of disbursement is un certain and some time the tenure is not decided so amount is also left blank but informs physically, by phone and officially by sending the welcome letter.

I didn’t went to them their executive was sourcing at that shop he asked me and offered me O% fin ..after all formalities I gave the cheque with date. He requested me that he will inform me as well as the distributor.

They taken 4 EMI’s advance .

Normally the all other fin companies presents the cheques after 1month if the cycle do goes for less than 1 month than they starts the repayment from the other month means repayments starts 30-45 days . in my life I had gone through these formalities since 1998

For more than 10 -12 times Even currently I do have few loans but I haven’t seen the carelessness like them.

They didn’t in form the dealer as they asked me to contact the dealer regarding the same

My mother near about daily asked the dealer for broken spare and repayment date but till 16th Jan the dealer said no info about the cheque the sales person was also absent.

Even after 4-5 times visiting their office some body showed mercy on me a gave the print out of the welcome letter .then suddenly I saw that executive an encountered him he said in front of his S.M. that it was by the order of his S.M. his S.M. promised him to give me a call back, but he didn’t did it.

Then I asked the company that I had deposited Rs. 6000 on the 6th of Jan i.e. one week before the repayment date according to my expectation as my disbursement was on 12th of Dec 07.Because all the finance I had was started within approx 35-45 days from the date of disbursement.

Their collection manager said he don’t have time to meet next he said that its your luck that u have got the welcome letter free because we take Rs.100 for it .which is lie.

Every company’s duty is to inform the customer in written and by phone too.

There customer care says that we don’t have the policy to in form the customer .Than why the hale they started me informing from 4-6 installments.

My fault is that I had fighted for my right I had asked them for a letter explaining for their mistake ., because due to the bounce done by them on My UTI A/c I failed to get a Pl of 2.5 lacs from UTI P L.

I think for their this kind of behavior the Sbi Ge Credit cr and ge money’s consumer loan have been packed up.atleast from my city

Till Date I’m Not getting finance just for these two comp for this two

They are such bogusthat they even for a single time didn’t contacted me resolve the problem but by hiding their name like cowards reported to you. I think I must bring out time to go to consumer forum and electronic media and specially to CNBC awaz. If the fin companies are saint then Icici bank didn’t had to a family in 6 fig, don’t forget that.

I would definitely appreciate your efforts.But Ican’t under stand why you use

following words

Don’t you have the dare to take the responsibility of these reports then

why are you running such kind of sites.I’ll be happy if you have the dare

as well you must have a separate unit to conduct survey of both the

company and customer and know that the reports you ‘re receiving, Are how much true or quit taking such reports or at least take reports

from the companies who have strong base, other wise some day it may

happen that you’ll have to face the threats from Consumer forum and

Human rites.Because you don’t have the rite to play with prestige of people.

On one hand you say that you are not responsible for these statements

on the other hand all the finance company believes and cancels the

approval although his other condition are suitable other than your report

on this wrong report some body ‘s career, marriage business even life can

be ruined and your existence will also be in danger.You have touched so

heights if you tumble from their it will be also a loss for other companies

as well as for our country economy, because you also save all from the

fraud people.But these doesn’t means you had the liberty to declare any

person a defaulter without proper info . I want my name to be with drawn immediately within next 36 hrs.and arevert within next 18 hrs.I think I had

given you enough details and evidence at least to rethink. If you need more I promise I ‘ll try my best, Do something to save those people who are really

good but became a victim by fin companies while finding the defaulter

customers. You should make people aware to get to be victim like other

type of different national issues like AIDS and Family planning. Its also

an serious matter to be talked about.

So again I would say it’s very pathetic to say some of your

members in spite to listen to the customer and resolving the

customers needs and issues are hiding their faults themselves

behind you, by putting all blames to the customers.
Author: Sudeept Biswas

Offender: CIBIL for Centurion Bank Credit Card & GE Money

Country: India   State: All India

Category: Miscellaneous


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