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Land Fraud Cheating

Aware of CITICON ENGINEERS Ltd., 540 SAHEED NAGAR Bhubaneshwar ORISSA Reputed Builder used to publish advertisement in all oriya news paper arrange stall facilities in religious & other public gathering area to catch the poor honest people.

In 2004/2005 I & my Family members come cross to the big stall of citicon Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Citicon about their different projects. Though the stall was in front of religious area, so we trust upon citicon & contacted to purchase land from their biggest project wings =5. (wp=5).

Mr. Amiya Roaul- Partner cum executive companion of citicon, who visited many times to us in my native village to book a plot, so we belive & booked plot by paying their entire terms & conditions along our few request terms Prior to book the plot they took to my family to show the sites of their different sites.

Actually once after you booked with them they will demand more money and play big role to claim us as defaulter and they will promise only after 3-4 weeks land register/ Demarcation will be given by office Amine though now office Amine very busy with lots of projects, which is 100% false. It is in effect using your money they will buy the land or forge the land documents and register it in your name. Also most the land papers are only power of attorney, which can be cancelled at any time by the issuer, thus making subsequent transactions invalid. They do not provide any facilities and they claim that they will provide the road which is distant possibility, forget about electricity and water...PLEASE DONOT BUY LAND FROM THEM IN ANY OF THEIR PROJECTS: SUCH RUDRA VIHAR 1 & 2, WP=1/2/3/4/5/6 Patra para, Sum City, Sum Annex ETC I am a victim of it.

Any projects both land flat available under CITICON ENGINEERS Ltd., 540 SAHEED NAGAR Bhubaneshwar ORISSA on basis of installment and others like outright/ net cash etc. That means they don't have the land. They will only show you a map and allocate a ficticious plot in your name. IF you actually go to the site there is nothing there only farm lands also conversion of land is very difficult. Please consider above points before buying a land from CITICON ENGINEERS LTD 540 SAHEED NAGAR, BHUBANESWAR making subsequent transactions invalid.

They have many offices but everybody is fooling around and their main office is at 540 SAHEED NAGAR, OPP: SAHEED SPROTING CLUB BHUBANESWAR, with branch offices at JAJPUR, PURI, GUJRAT, KOLKOTA ECT.

Me and my relatives BOOKED 8 plots in the year 2005 IN THEIR WINS PROJECT =5 (WP=5) in an installment basis amount I paid as per agreement papers done with CITICON ENGG. installments without being defaulter. BUT CITICON CLAIM THAT WE PURCHASERS are DEFAULTER. It's been more than 2 year they are not willing to do registration / Demarcation even though, we had sent out 4 letters to their official address through Register Post and also meet personally Many times and contacted almost every days over phone. Since more than 03 years we are ready with cash for registration and this fraud company is not willing to do registration/ Demarcation and also not replying to our letters. Owner of the company and his all companions are real cheater.

When we contacted regarding the same, CITICON ENGINEERS LTD assured with false hope that we will fix your plot once everything is cooled down from the landlord some deals and you will get your plots as per agreement. I had personally gone to CITICON ENGG. Ltd office at BBSR and while discussing about my registration and possession of my land, they had told these lands YOU WILL GET NEXT DAY/WEEKS/ MONTHS in this way many years passed but no result yet. When we approached & meet the Chairman/MD, CITICON he gave us lame excuses and assured the safety of our money land every things. I had spent all MY WHOLE LIFE’S earnings to purchase the LAND from CITICON ENGINEERS Ltd. 540 Saheed Nagar, BHUBANESWAR. ORISSA.

Before buying plots from CITICON ENGINEERS Ltd, BHUBANESWAR they will behave as if that they are your relatives and behave with you very good manner. They will behave in a good ways until we complete their installments. Once installment or land Registration over with this Citicon, they will see their real face and we will feel that we cheat to them.

Why I wrote this big letter is too aware you guys before buying land from CITICON ENGINEERS Ltd. 540 Saheed Nagar, BHUBANESWAR. ORISSA. I am is Victim of this fraud.
Author: Hijbu


Country: India   State: All India

Category: Miscellaneous


K.Vijaya Vani 14 November 2018, 3:18 PM
We are first time land buyers and very little knowledge about the land buying process. Mr Muktikanta Badu is a very knowledgeable area & neighbor. Mr.Badu was very patient, answered all of our questions and with me in every step of buying process. It took long 6 months for finding a land in this very competitive market, but Mr Muktikanta Badu kept me positive & hopeful.
N.Nagamani 14 November 2018, 3:20 PM
Mr.Baishanaba Charana Badu was very knowledgeable about the property that was listed as well as finding out the values of the properties around it. Mr Baishanaba Charan Badu was very professional and punctual when working with me. I especially enjoyed her quick responses to our emails and phone calls.
Deepak kumar Sahoo 14 November 2018, 3:27 PM
As first-time plot buyers, we used to have a lot of questions and Mr.Baishanaba Charana Badu would always take the time to answer them in detail. He is super responsive to emails and phone calls. He was always well prepared for the showings with all the details .
S.K. Rafique 14 November 2018, 3:30 PM
We recently bought a plot in Bhubaneswar from Citicon Engineers. We were first time plot buyers and had a lot of questions. Mr.Baishanaba Charana Badu was very patient with me throughout the process and was always available to answer our questions.
Birakishor Mahanta 14 November 2018, 3:33 PM
Mr. Antaryami Badu has been just wonderful. I simply cannot say enough about how positive my experience was with Mr. Antaryami Badu. Incredibly knowledgeble, patient, easy to talk to and genuinely interested in helping me find the right plot. I always felt at ease with Mr Badu. He went out of his way to assist me throughout the entire plot buying process and never made me feel pressured to make a decision – that was incredibly important to me as I was a first-time plot buyer and very unsure of what to do. He understands the market well and helped me secure the right plot at a time when it’s been so challenging for so many.
Ambika prasad Das 14 November 2018, 3:34 PM
I had a very positive experience with Citicon Engineers. Mr. Muktikanta Badu was very knowledgeable about the real estate market and the neighbor in which I was buying my town land. He also helped me think through the right strategy for buying land.
Kartik chandra Sahu 14 November 2018, 3:36 PM
We bought a new construction property from Citicon Engineers. Mr.Baishnaba Charan Badu was very patient throughout the process. He took the time to explain the buying procedure for new construction Property. He gave me the valuable suggestions. I think that definitely gave me best deal. Not only this, but Mr.Baishnaba Charan Badu had been a good advisor in terms of suggesting me. I think Mr.Baishnaba Charan Badu is very honest and pushy. He gives his honest opinions and enables buyers to make the independent decisions. I think that is very important to me .
Kartik chandra Sahu 15 November 2018, 12:33 PM
Mr.Antrayami Badu helped me buy my first plot. Couldn't ask for anybody better. He was nice and really helpful through every stage of the process. Thank you so much, Mr.Antaryami Badu .
K.Vijaya Vani 15 November 2018, 12:43 PM
I recently purchased a plot with the help of Mr.Muktikanta Badu. We are first-time land buyers and knew next to nothing about the process. Mr.Muktikanta Badu explained everything. He helped me get the plot within my budgeted price.
N.Nagamani 15 November 2018, 12:44 PM
When we decided to find a piece of land and build our dream home at Bhubaneswar, we searched many designs before finding Citicon Engineers, thanks Mr Muktikanta Badu if you are reading this. The fact that it was with a local small builder, but part of the larger Citicon Engineers family, was exactly what we wanted.
Deepak kumar Sahoo 15 November 2018, 12:46 PM
I have purchased a plot in Bhubaneswar .Our experience with Citicon Engineers has been a very positive one. The team skilfully guided me through each stage of the process, making it both enjoyable and easy to understand. They have a high service ethic and have added lots of value to me with their professional guidance.
Birakishor Mahanta 15 November 2018, 12:47 PM
My first point of contact was Mr.Baishnab Charan Badu. He is a wonderful man and an outstanding sales person. Mr.Baishnab Charan Badu went out of his way to find a package that suited my budget.
Ambika prasad Das 15 November 2018, 12:49 PM
Recently I purchased a plot from Citicon Engineers. Mr.Antaryami Badu is highly professional, very talented and organized in showing plot with as per my time schedule. He clearly understands our budget and boundaries and helped me find a nice location. We are a first time plot buyers in Bhubaneswar. we did not know Market value and other related information. He helped me from the day one.Thank you so much, Mr.Antaryami Badu.
Soubhagini Pradhan 15 November 2018, 12:50 PM
We bought our first land with the help of Citicon engineers. Mr Muktikanta Badu knows a lot about real estate and suggested me a lot in buying a right land for me. Mr Muktikanta Badu always stepped up and solved all issues related to the process of buying land. Their service and knowledge is way above than our expectations.
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