These complaints are too long to read but for ur intersts Pls read them There r two complaints here.

COMPLAINT NO 1.)Below is a example of a patient who had a very bad experince with Dr. Sudhakar Krishnamurti. Here it is

" I have visited Dr. Sudhakar Krishnamurthy to talk about my sexual problem after I found his name on Google search engine.

The first and the strange thing I noticed when I went to his clinic in somajiguda was that the receptionist asking me to pay 5000/- just to talk to the Doctor and for every visit there after I need to pay 3000/-.

I tried to explain him that I want to see doctor and talk to him before I continue with any treament. I was simply denied to see the doctor. So, I was not left with no other option but to pay 5000/- and I was not even given any standard payment receipt. I was then allowed to see the doctor.

I went into the doctor's room and I then said 'Hello Doctor' for which I did not get any reply from the doctor and he straight away asked me what my problem was. I then started to explain about my problem (My problem was not exactly a physical problem but rather a mental one). So, I was trying to explain him in detail about my problem. He then very rudely told me to be very brief about my problem and he hardly paid any attention to what I was saying. He then gave me an other appointment and said that I need to take an injection which would cost 10000/-. I tried to ask him what that injection was and what exactly it is for but he yelled at me and said that he would not treat me if I question him. I then left the place for that day.

As I have already paid him 5000/- I visited him again for my next appointment. I have to wait for 1 hr and then was taken to a room inside and without even talking to me the doctor straight away came into my room with an injection in his hand and he did not even give me a chance to ask him what exactly is that. He injected it into my penis and told me to make an observation for 8 hrs and let him know if I get any erections. I hardly got any erections for that 8 hrs and during my next appointment with the doctor I explained him the same. He then said that there is some problem with my penis and that I should undergo some test which would take two complete nights and would cost 20000/-.

I was surprised and asked him what exactly it is for and he again yelled at me saying I can't tell you anything till that test is finished and that I can walk out anytime if I am not interested to undergo treatment with him. But I couldn't do so as I have already paid him about 20000/- So I asked him about the test date and he told me to take the details from the receptionist. To my surprise the receptionist said the test would be taken in a hotel room which is near by to the clinic and that I need to stay in the hotel for two nights and also have to pay 20000/- well in advance. I was totally shocked and was worried why a test would be conducted in a hotel room.

I then left the clinic and thought about it for 2 days and went back to pay 20000/- and I booked an appointment for the test. He said it is booked for the next week. I was totally worried for all the week and didn't know what I was doing. I started getting doubts about the treatment and finally the day has come to go for the test. I thought a lot about it and I missed my appointment and I never went back to see the doctor. I thought to register a complaint to the police but I was worried if I would be brought into light with the issue so I never dared to do that.

I have lost around 40000/- in just 21/2 to 3 weeks and without any payment receipts. The doctor was never on the right track with my problem because he never cared to listen to what I say. I don't know if the doctor was a fraud or if I was only feeling it that way but after all these incidents I didn't have faith in him so I stopped seeing him. I advice others who are planning to see this doctor to make sure they take proof of everything and make sure they know what medication they are being given. He might be a world class doctor but end of the day you are the one who is paying him money so he is not supposed to yell at you and you have every right to know the details about what medicine you are being given.

I also request media to check this doctor undercover to know what exactly is happening and why he is charging such huge money without any proper bills."


Dr. sudhakar krishnamurti is an idiotic doctor and just loot the people who visit him for andrology problems. I was actually visited him for the treatment of PE (premature ejaculation). This idiot charged me 5500/- as consultation fee and had prescribed me Viagra (10 tabs) and XET 10mg (29 tabs) and had asked me to buy his stupid book "Sexx is not four letter word". This bastard suggested me to buy viagra from some pfizer agent.. I bought it from the agent for 5000 for 10 tabs. There must be some pacts between this idiot and the pfizer agent. I am not sure how viagra treats PE.

Before visiting this idiot the time was 2 mins and after visiting this idiot the time reduced to half-a-minute. This asshole won't treat people but fill his pockets with the great consultation fee..

Please don't go by the website of Dr. Sudhakar Krishnamurthi and advertisements you find in internet. This idiot attracts the people by showing off with some stupid articles and some machines etc. This idiot charges 5500/- as his consultation fee and we think like he is a genuine doctor and he treats all the problems and hence the fee is very high. We will be in a feeling that the money is not important when compared with the problem. Sudhakar Krishnamurthi plays with this emotion and earning a lot...

By the way at the end this idiot said that "this clinic is not business oriented, this is just a research center". hahahaha very funny final touch.. Research center charges a great consultation fee and treats nothing


Country: India

Category: Health & Medicine


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