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Iboga House
Fraud Scam WARNING

Iboga House testimonials only show one side of an initial high some people get. I went there for healing and was given a pill in a garage "the temple" while Mougenda the shaman watched movies on his laptop and talked and laughed with his antisocial apprentices, recent ex-opiate addicts and had to ...

Dr Bomboka

Ordered a lottery spell, cost me $160 through Western Union. No reply after I sent him the money on weather spell had been completed or not. Instead he sends me an email with a letter attached, in an unknown language. This letter apparently was left by a woman, while Bomboka was doing his ritual. ...

Dish TV
Lord Buddha Channel TV

We annot see the Lord Budhha Channel TV (Nagpur), request to tv channel that please add this on board and let peoples see the same. Kindly let us know if you need any other details on this if required. If an extra money needed to add this request then please chargge the same to watcher. Thanks & ...