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Lucy Arnold
Lucy Arnold

Lucy Arnold a worker at the University of Worcester, has propagated hateful racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Arnold has referred to Jewish people as having "hooked noses", as being obsessed with money and claimed that Jews control the world. This is vile anti-Semitic racism. ...

Halesowen College
Halesowen College

Julie McParland is alleged to have made fellow staff members deeply uncomfortable with her unwanted touching during her time at Halesowen College. McParland allegedly came onto both staff and students with unwanted advances towards these. When these were rejected McParland then stalked these ...

Pension issue

Number : 14291369W PPO number: 50/035606/1996 Pensioner ID: 1571996012900IN CHM/H Naib Sub M.MANI 19 April 2022 (Died), we have informed to Soldier board. I am M.VIMAL KUMAR (15386421P) EX-ARMY, son of M.MANI and M.PUSHPARANI, My fathers's first wife as per PPO record. M.PUSHPARANI (She is Missing) ...

Worst Management services

Really worst incident happened to me yesterday. Still now Iam rewinding that scenario and questioning myself why I am choosing this shop everytime for purchase. Also since Iam a Vlogger i took videos in madharsha, will post the same in you tube and share the link here, then sure public will ...