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Indian Bank
Netbanking Activation

Dear Sir, I am Dinesh B from Kachirapalayam, I owing an Indian Bank Account with no 849024028 and i requested for net banking . They provided a secret login password on 02/01/2013 . They told me that it was activated but when i try to access that, it shows an Error:109 Inactive or Pending ...

Unnecessary charges

Sir, I want to complain about my service provider. they are cutting unnecessary charges by applying schemes like Did You know alerts, internet packs, etc.Kindly consider my complain and check my account and refund me my recharge. Thank you From:- Akshit Bansal Mobile 9872410736 ...

PACL India Ltd
I khow whole about Imformation

I Have also invested money in Pacl india limited. I want to Know that In Case of company bankrupt and run away. What do the Government do at that case??? Who Give Us the Money at that case??? kindly give us the feedback Please send About Information my e-mail Id ( Thank ...