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Sonam Choden Retty & Masked Dancers an insult to Bhutan
Miss bhutan 2010

Sonam Choden Retty is a complete scam. She has been reported to Bangalore Univserity as well as she seems to have graduated from there in Journalism.

Many businesses in Mumbai have started to remove the Bhutanese working in their offices and companies as a sign of protest for the ill treatment of their local trainers who were recently treated badly by Sonam Choden Retty and Karma Tshering.

The Indian trainers have become local heroes over the last few weeks thanks to them exposing the scams and lies behind the Miss Bhutan beauty pageant.

The states of Karnataka and north eastern states in India have also been requested to remove any Bhutanese citizens working for them or studying in Indian colleges and schools as they have proven to be racists and Hindu refugee killers.

The masked dancers who insulted Bhutanese people and their culture were heavily fined last week by the culture ministry in Bhutan, the first real step taken against these scamsters in Bhutan.

Just a few weeks after Miss World has banned Miss Bhutan 2010 there are rumours and stories that Miss Earth and other beauty pageants are going to follow suit...

Miss Earth is seriously considering whether to allow Miss Bhutan 2010 into the Miss Earth beauty pageant because there is enough proof and controversy surrounding the winners of Miss Bhutan already.

The president of Miss Earth has also thanked us and stated in his own words "Thanks for the warning."

Sonam Choden Retty and Tenzin Norden have brought nothing but shame to the entire country of Bhutan. They do not even look beautiful, and they are surely going to be stripped off their titles soon.

Here are some of the facts about the Miss Bhutan 2010 pageant and the reasons for Miss Bhutan to be banned from Miss World 2010.

Sonam Choden Retty insults Gandhiji

The scamster Sonam Choden Retty who was crowned Miss Bhutan 2010 has stated boldly on camera during the grooming session that she would like to be like Mahatma Gandhi. When she was told to give the name of any female role model she said that I do not want to be like any other feamle, I want to be like Gandhi. She has been proven to be a fraud, a cheat and has been elected as Miss Bhutan purely based on some favors she has done with Karma Tshering, the organizer of the pageant. She has insulted the name of Mahatma Gandhi by stating that she wants to be like him, and fooling the people of Bhutan in the process.

The entire pageant was fixed from Day 1

The entire pageant of Miss Bhutan was manipulated, rigged and fixed beyond recognition. The grooming experts called in discovered that the organizer Karma Tshering and the pageant directors had already decided that Sonam Choden Retty and Tenzin Norden would be in the top 3. So, when the grand finale came along over 40 days later it came as no surprise that both these names were in the top 3. There is proof in print of a complaint letter filed online on 24th August stating clearly that the pageant was fixed and that these 2 names would be in the top 3. Need we say more...

Poor sanitation facilities povided to the contestants

The building in which the 18 finalists stayed for over a month was not served with water during the day. Also, it was quite common to find the contestants not washing their hands with soap and water after using the toilets.

Female MC for the Grand Finale did not know her Mother Tongue

It was a real shame for the country that the female MC for the grand finale did not even know the national language of Bhutan well. She stuttered to speak in her mother tongue and openly admitted that she was not good at it on the mic.

16 out of 18 Contestants did not greet the audience in the traditional way

It was a real insult to see that just 2 of the 18 contestants greeted the crowds in the traditional way. The remaining 16 chose to wave their hands to the crowd and strut their stuff in more westernized ways in the hope of wooing the crowds.

Internet facilities provided to the contestants only after the groomer insisted on it

The contestants were not provided with an internet connection to browse and read the comments posted on their profiles on until a week after the expert trainer insisted that they should have access to the internet to enhance their knowledge on various global and social issues.

Credit taken where not worthy

Credit was openly taken by the organizer for the catwalk and posture training provided. Recorded coverage of BBS Tv shows that Karma Tshering and his video director Pema were very sly in showing the catwalk training program by editing the catwalk training expert's views and images on camera.

Poor Knowledge of all 18 Contestants

The contestants were found failing on their world knowledge and even their knowledge of their own cultural issues in Bhutan.

Many Contestants did not even know their national anthem

The contestants were requested to sing their national anthem on camera by the Indian trainer. Shockingly, many of them did not know the exact words to their own national anthem. Which was a complete insult to the whole country. The organizers selected a group of unpatriotic females for Miss Bhutan or perhaps Karma Tshering himself does not know the national anthem of his country that well.

Sacred Masked Dance was Insulted Openly

It was equally shocking and insulting to see a very sacred kind of dance in Bhutan to be choreographed and danced on a modern song and upbeat music. It was the foreign experts and judges who noticed this first once again and they had no words to express their dismay at the organizer Karma Tshering.

Contestants were not Disciplined at all

The experts called in to groom the contestants found that all 18 contestants were not at all punctual or disciplined with their timings. They would turn up to the class more than an hour late on every 3rd day. Perhaps this is a reflection of how young females in modern Bhutan are.

Indians and Americans were made fun of & put down

The experts called in from India were made fun of and put down by the organizer Karma Tshering and even the contestants at every given opportunity. They openly went against certain Bollywood movie producers and major Indian figures. Even the Americans were not spared with some of the contestants stating that they are happy that American food chains are banned in Bhutan. The great Indian singer

Lata Mangeshkar was compared to a lowly Druk Star singer by contestant Number 1.

Number of Votes manipulated and forged...

The number of SMS votes received each week were forged on every single show aired each weekend. During the first week organizer Karma Tshering and the anchor stated that they had received 24, 000

SMSes but on research done on the mobile numbers provided for the pageant it was found to be less than half of that number. Yet, week after week the SMS numbers kept going higher and higher.

Miss Bhutan's FaceBook page has less than 1500 people who like it...

Miss Bhutan's facebook page has less than 1500 people who chose to follow it or say they like it. That, after being online for the last 2 years. It shows how poorly the organizer Karma Tshering markets the pageant and the contestants.

Pageant Expenses were Forged and Increased...

The experts called in to train the Miss Bhutan contestants found that the organizer Karma Tshering had discreetly forged various key expenses such as rental costs, food costs, training costs, etc. The sponsors were made to believe that Karma was spending all that money honestly but in reality he was just being corrupt as he always was.

Males were sleeping on the same floor as the Contestants...

What was most shocking and downright cheap was that males were always found sleeping on the first and second floors of the same building booked for the pageant. Even the organizer Karma Tshering would spend many late nights having long conversations with the contestants and more importantly with his video director Pema.

Few of the Contestants were Married...

Evidence has been collected that 2 of the contestants were removed from the pageant after being selected because they were married. Another 2 contestants are said to be divorced and having a kid each. It is illegal for organizer Karma Tshering to take in girls who are women.

Kuensel News Reporter was earlier connected to Karma

The Kuensel newspaper reporter who wrote almost half a dozen biased and rigged articles on the Miss Bhutan pageant was found to have deep connections with the organizer Karma Tshering. She was also his ex-employee before joining Kuensel. It is no wonder that the people of Bhutan were kept completely in the dark about various controversies surrounding this pageant.

organizer Karma Tshering is a big Liar

The organizer Karma Tshering has been caught telling a number of lies. He has lied that he was the assistant director for a top Bollywood movie production titled "Badhai Ho Badhai". On contacting the producers of the movie it was discovered that Karma was like a spot boy on the sets for a month. There is an article online even today which states that he said that he was assisting in the direction of a big Bollywood movie and that he was the first ever Bhutanese person to do do. What A Liar!

Karma Tshering spins another Big Lie

Newspaper article evidence also shows that the organizer Karma Tshering has openly lied about Bollywood diva Shilpa Shetty being appointed as the chief judge of Miss Bhutan 2010. However, neither was Shilpa Shetty contacted by him nor was she there on the grand finale night to judge the pageant. The organizer Karma Tshering lied yet again.

Karma Tshering spins another lie...

This time round there is a newspaper article we have in our possession in which the organizer Karma Tshering proudly says that over 20 cameras will be on the contestants and they will be living in a palatial house and every movement of the contestants will be caught on the camera. Well, all the evidence collected thus far shows a maximum of 2 cameras being used. Maybe the other 18 were hidden in the bathrooms and the bedrooms!

For this itself Karma Tshering should be in Prison!

The organizer Karma Tshering had illegally sent Miss Bhutan 2008 Tshokey Tshomo to 2 international pageants when the laws clearly state that 1 contestant from the same country and pageant cannot be sent to 2 different pageants. The Miss Bhutan 2008 was sent by Karma to both the Miss Earth and the Miss Young International pageants.

Miss Bhutan 2008 lies on Camera...

Miss Bhutan 2008 has been caught on camera on one of the BBS Miss Bhutan Shows this year saying that she had come in second during the popularity poll at Miss Earth 2008. On contacting the president of Miss Earth 'Alex', he said that Miss Bhutan 2008 was not even in the top 35 contestants in Miss Earth 2008.

The 18 Contestants were also lied to...

The 18 finalists of Miss Bhutan 2010 were also lied to by the organizer Karma Tshering. He told them that the winner of the Miss Bhutan pageant 2010 will be going to the Miss World pageant. However, neither is the winner going to the Miss World pageant this year nor are the chances good of her going to any of the other pageants as well. Investigations are on at the Miss Earth, Miss Tourism Queen and Miss Young International offices on whether the Miss Bhutan pageant has been fixed.

Huge amount of disrespect shown to the Indian trainers...

The fake winner of Miss Bhutan and some other contestants insulted and challenged the Indian trainers during the grooming sessions. Not only did they fall flat on their faces doing so but they also put down the entire country of Bhutan in the process. There is audio evidence of 5 contestants openly slamming policy makers and the entire country of Bhutan on the very first day of the grooming session.

No idea who Mao is...

Only 2 of the 18 contestants know who was chairman Mao of China. Infact, they did not know many other world leaders and were completely ignorant on pressing global issues. One of the runners up of

the pageant wasn't even able to answer a simple question posed by the expert "how to reduce global warming? ".

Services were not paid for...

The organizer Karma Tshering did not pay the Indian trainers in full for the grooming sessions. The training experts called in were forced to cut short the training sessions on the last day as they got the message that the organizer Karma Tshering was not going to pay them in full. Added to that they were asked to cough up even the hotel bills and food expenses for the 12 day grooming course. It was only the kind enough manager at the hotel that stopped the organizer Karma Tshering in his

tracks and allowed the Indian experts to leave the hotel peacefully without having to pay the bills as he knew what a scam Karma was.

The organizer Karma Tshering spends too much alone time with the pageant director

The organizer Karma Tshering takes work romance to a whole new level. Openly driving around with his video director and spending hours behind closed doors 'discussing' the pageant. It was no wonder

that the grand finale was such a resounding success after so many twilight hours spent in tireless work and preparation between these 2.

Tenzin Norden has deep connections with Karma

There are photos of Tenzin Norden in Yeewong Magazine posing as an employee of MPC Entertainment, the company that runs the Miss Bhutan pageant. The international pageant laws state that employees

and relatives of the organizers cannot take part in the pageant. It came as no surprise that Miss World committee banned Miss Bhutan from participation in the 2010 pageant in Sanya, China.

Lucrative jobs promised to all 18 Contestants!

The organizer Karma Tshering has promised all 18 contestants lucrative jobs on completion of the pageant. But, our sources linked to 3 of the finalists say that it has been promised but never agreed on paper. Infact, when they tried to get in touch with the organizer Karma Tshering after the grand finale he was unavailable till the time of filing this report.

Parents & Relatives were lied to as well...

The parents and relatives of the 18 contestants were told that the grooming experts called in from abroad ran away without completing their course. However, in reality it has been discovered that not only was this a complete fabrication of the truth but the grooming experts have actually not been paid in full. Even, the air tickets were not paid for completely. The trainer had to arrange air tickets from Mumbai to Delhi amounting to 1/3rd of the actual training costs. Cheap organizer Karma Tshering!

Miss Bhutan finalists by hearted the answers and intros...

The finals of the 2010 pageant were held last week and Sonam Choden Retty and Tenzin Norden were given the titles on a platter. On close study of their performance we discovered that the answers to their questions and statements made on stage were made by heart. You can easily watch the grande finale yourself to know the truth.

Bhutan Observer Questions Validity of Miss Bhutan 2010 Pageant

Miss Bhutan or Mrs Bhutan 2010, that's the question on the minds of thousands of surprised and confused Bhutanese citizens. Miss Bhutan beauty pageant is one important platform for the country and the people to get exposed to the rest of the world. But the public are confused whether the con­testants are competing for the Miss Bhutan or Mrs Bhutan title. The people throughout the country know that out of 20 contestants, two of them are not competing any more as they are married. It is still confusing for the public why only two of them are out of the competition among a few more who are rumored to be married.

Poor Feedback from the Groomers of the 2008 Pageant

The groomers from India called in to the train the contestants of the last pageant had nothing nice to say about Bhutan or Karma Tshering. Infact, they have openly yelled on the cameras in Bhutan "Bandari" and "Gaindi" which mean monkey and giraffe in Hindi. You can yourself judge the way the experts were treated for them to say such cheap words about the finalists of the 2008 Miss Bhutan pageant.

Poor Feedback from the Groomers of the 2010 Pageant

The 2010 groomers went on an all out verbal rampage against Karma Tshering in our last interview with them. They said "We were supposed to be there in Bhutan on a work visa or business visa. However, Karma Tshering did not bother to go through the correct procedures nor pay the necessary fees for a work permit. We found Karma Tshering and his team of organizers of MPC Entertainment to be quite lazy, unprofessional and downright rude towards us. There are many in Bhutan itself which oppose this beauty pageant for a myriad of reasons.During the first 4 days of our training program, all the contestants gave our trainers excellent feedback on camera. On the other hand, we saw that they started the classes late every single day, did not even know how to set up a projector for certain lectures and sent the driver late to pick us up. Karma Tshering had no decency to even come pick us up at the airport when he promised to do by email. Is this how Bhutanese treat your neighbors? "

All 18 Finalists made fun of India and Indians...

What has got the Indians most ticked off is that they have heard audio clips of the 18 contestants going against top Indian personalities and leaders. One of the experts called in from India was so frustrated with their cheap showcasing of her culture that she said that if you don't like Indians so much then why on earth do you die there to work and study, why do you watch our movies, drive our cars, listen to our songs, wear our goods, etc. It shows how cheap your roots are. The biggest joke is that most of the contestants have either studied or worked in India for some time. Even the organizers team and Karma Tshering himself was working and studying in India. Is this the way you treat a country that has given you so much without expecting anything else in return.

There are 10 more reasons why Miss Bhutan should be Banned and Bhutanese should be sorry but we will share it with you another day.

If Miss Earth still goes ahead and allows Miss Bhutan 2010 winners into their pageant it will spill a whole new can of beans and be a major scam by itself. The media and us are just waiting for this controversy to end and that Bhutanese are not insulted by Karma Tshering and these frauds.
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Offender: Sonam Choden Retty & Masked Dancers an insult to Bhutan

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