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Khajana Jewelers, T-Ngr, Chennai
Jewelery Incident

Who doesn't enjoy shopping in the crowded Indian markets?

Not out of sarcasm but sheer politeness that I ask this question. In fact, I truly enjoy overflowing shops and never tiring junta which although keeps traffic tight; adds to the glitterati of Chennai.

Chennai - the place I've been for the last 8 years now.

On a recent evening, I hopped into Khazana Jewellers (T.Ngr) right after having shopped at Nalli's (Famous Silk Saree store). Mind you, I was carrying just one shopping bag. And was accompanied by mum and my aunt (a guest at our place all the way from Gujarat)

Now what happened with us was totally unexpected and alarming! More so, it came out of the blue.

I had placed an order for a ring and was waiting for them to close the same. However, the sales guys seemed to be a bit distracted and hence, delayed the entire process. At one point of time, I felt like shaking them up and ask if they really want my order or not! And then when the time for billing came, they asked my aunt to step out and proceed upstairs. We all went into a small pantry room where they said they wanted to check our bags. I thought allright, probably they have got something missing and want to check that with us.

However, they didn't seem to be interested in checking our hand bags but pounced right into our Nalli shopping bag and guess what - the man takes out two platinum rings!

The next scene was them screaming at 3 of us. And what was ridiculous was the way they harassed us after this act. Instead of telling us what had happened they made us look like thieves. The police was called in and CCTV videos were looked at. There was clearly no clue of any ring being stolen from our side. To be very precise they put the blame on our guest - my aunt!

The way in which this act was plotted clearly we were to be made accused and with pressure money was to be extracted from us for the rings, The police looked least interested in knowing the truth. They were all accomplice in this plot. Their purpose as we came to know a little later was to save some sales girl's ass who apparently had taken the rings.

Next was the stage of finding a solution and we had contacted a friend whose relative was the commissioner in police for Annanagar. She was made aware of these proceedings and what we were told was the fact that this is a money making gimmick where in Jewellers frame customers for an act not committed by them so as to extract a good sum of money which can be given to the police as a cover for protecting the Jewellery.

I don't know how many of you must have heard or experienced such an act. But its a shame that in our country there is no place to go and ask for justice. The police way is something nobody wants to get their hands dirty into. Apart from that is our media or blogs like these where chances of awareness are directly proportional to the popularity quotient one holds!

By writing this blog all I intent doing is spreading this story, arousing awareness and knowing from people as to what can be done in cases such as mine.

The below are some thoughts that I shall leave you all with...

How a mob can make something untrue look as real as this world!

How establishments for our safety are the most unsafe places to be in!

How one man's voice can be overshadowed by (paid) media's opinions!

Company: Khajana Jewelers, T-Ngr, Chennai

Country: India   State: Tamil Nadu   City: Chennai

Category: Beauty & Appearance


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