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Dr. Bhavna Shah's Fitness Highway
Improper behavior by Staff and False commitments

I joined Fitness Highway in November. I read about a free trial but I was never given that even though I took an appointment for the same along with meeting the counselor. The counselor was friendly and soft spoken which did convince me to join the package and I trusted her words to large extent. I paid an amount of Rs.1- in total for 5kg weight loss along with 5 hip tucks and 5 thigh tucks. I got a complimentary package of 15 inch loss all over the body.

I started going there from the very next day and the weight noted was the weight from which I was suppose to lose 5 kg. I was not mentioned about any limitations like validity. I continued and with the initiaal phase I did realise that this place is better than VLCC. They dont just believe in Massages, Heats and Vibration sessions but also in Cardio exercise in a way which is a right balance. Soon I started facing trouble with my work and I had to work for longer hours which did not permit to visit them. I also landed with horrible back ache problem which made me bed ridden for a very long time. I gained 3 - 4 kgs more which of course was the reason of being bed ridden and no exercise. I got follow up calls from them and told them I will join as soon as I feel better.

I started in January for sometime and that time they complained that my weight is gained. Instead of telling me to reduce the weight and come to the weight they last left for them to continue their package they took my increased weight into consideration which does not happen in any other fitness places. I kept quiet and considering my fault I agreed to it. They changed my dietician who gave a litle strict diet which I had no problem in following. She said my diet will change in 1 week but it never happened and after sometime I stopped seeing her as I changed my time. I did not even get any response from her colleagues regarding the same. I still kept quiet and chose to work harder on the fitness regime.

Soon again due to work pressure I had to refrain myself from that place. I cam back again and apologised for going missing but never neglected their follow ups. I told them about the problem and asked for more time, which they agreed upon.

I then left my job and started going there from march end constantly for a period of 3 or 4 weeks. I then had to go to Delhi urgently in the month of May about which I kept my dietician informed. I told that I was going for a month but I might take more time and I will keep informed. came back after 3 months and contacted them. I was told the concerned person would call me back. I did get a call but a late one informing me about the validity of my program. I still agreed to what they said and informed I will come soon. Due to monthly health worries I couldnt visit them on the desired date and called to inform. The receptionist said my dietician will revert and also she will pass on the message. After I was fine I had to again go to Bangalore for my job interview and could not visit before 30th august which was my deadline. I called again from Bangalore. They said they will revert but they never did. I came back and contacted them yet there was no revert. I did constant follow ups but there was no revert on me showing constant interest.

I finally landed at Fitness Highway in the beginning of this month and I waited for 45 minutes and they could not find my card. I agreed to later as they would call me once they would have found my card. I got a call and my details of the program mentioned to me was incomplete. I again had my monthly problem due to which I could not visit them as soon as it got over I visited them and I was told that the concerned person who I want to meet is not there and this was told to me after 30 minutes of wait. The lady who spoke to me over phone and also met me prior behaved as if she had not met me just a week before. I am really sad to say that Guest Service is really faulty... The primary thing which one looks for customer satisfaction is to get spontaneous response which is missing here post giving the money for the sessions.

Today, 28th October, I get a call from their staff and constantly she argued with me trying to prove it was completely my fault.

I did agree to my fault as mentioned earlier till a certain time when it was my fault but from 29th of august I have faced serious troubles with Fitness Highway with regards to the following: -

1. Unprofessionalism

2. Rude behavior of Staff

3. Lost mindedness of Staff

4. Covering up massively for each other's fault

5. Not having proper records of a client

6. Not providing the right information at the right time

7. Sessions being provided by tarinee without the supervision of experienced staff

8. Getting involved in an argument with a client

9. Not following ethical norms

10. Misguiding and providing faulty information about the reasons of not proper weight loss

11. Not providing proper details about a therapy

12. No value for money invested

13. Too much involved in money making instead of customer satisfaction

14. Putting the customer down and making false rules to keep up with the business.

I would like you to seriously look into the problem being faced by serious clients who take fitness seriously. I do understand some cheat their own selves and blame the fitness centres but not all are the same. This is not the first time a customer is dissatisfied and is complaining about the staff at Fitness Highway. I would really request you to look into this matter and take serious action to stop such kind of centres rising who do not take their trade seriously and just want to make money. Also I am sure that the place might be good but is run by bunch of immature and uneducated individuals who do not know the trade the are in and the kind of people they are handling. My investment was a waste and I would like justice. Either I see results with the remaining package or my money should be refunded.

I seek justice... Friends avoid joining such fake money minded people. They might have the techniques of VLCC but they do not have individuals who can perform their act properly and moreover speak properly and provide customer satisfaction and value for our invested money...

Company: Dr. Bhavna Shah's Fitness Highway

Country: India   State: Manipur

Category: Health & Medicine


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