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Illegal Demand by BPTP
Unjustified & Illegal Demand by BPTP- A Fraud of 250 Crores

This is to bring into the kind attention of media that BPTP has done a big injustice to its customers of Elite Floor Project (BPTP Parklands, Faridabad) by raising an additional demand of Rs 4 to 5 Lacs for its 4, 997 units consisting of 180 sq. yard, 250 sq. yard and 300 sq. yard size. For this unjustified and unexpected demand, BPTP has cited the reason that with construction at an advanced stage, super built up area has been measured to be 150 to 200 sq-ft more as compared to mentioned at the time of booking. Inspite, carpet area has not increased at all. As per BPTP, common area (consisting of Shaft, Mumty, Common service terrace, canopy, boundary wall etc) has increased during construction. Moreover, BPTP is not giving any exact details and justification for this increase of super built up area. On doing queries, BPTP just gives reference of the word “tentative super-built up area” which they have put in Builder-Buyer Agreement, signing on which was not at all optional. Customers are shocked and confused. Media is requested to give voice to this injustice.

BPTP, has been cheating the people of India, who has put their life savings for purchase of flats for residential purpose in Elite Floors, Faridabad, in Nehar par area in sector 81, 82, 83, 84, 85 sectors. They have earlier tried to cheat in freedom Park Life Society, Gurgaon, but on intervention of Press and opposed by Buyers, they had to roll back the unjustified Demand. (Media coverage by Aajtak is available on net).

BPTP Limited, a Real estate Builder, is represented by:

Mr. Kabul Chawla, Managing Director

BPTP Limited, M-11, Middle Circle

Connaught Circus, New Delhi-110001

Fax: 011-43608888, 91-124-385-2999/261-2999

Email: [email protected]


Here, again they have opted to cheat and raise illegal demand. In this context following facts are presented to you to take action against this fraud Builder and save people from them.

1. The Elite Floor was launched by BPTP in May for 600 odd floors for Sector 85 A & B block. But due to good response and going through bad market conditions BPTP take up this opportunity and booked approx 4600 Floor against 600 and made allotted to applicants in more blocks from sector 75 to 89 and made this a project of Parklands instead of Sector 85 without giving any rate difference to the buyers who are allotted in the block other than A & B, wherein the land rate difference is existing. Initially they allotted the flats as per their wish and cheated the public by saying that allotment is through computerized Draw, but all allotments done under table as per their own wish.

2. As per application BPTP has to offer the possession within 24 months Plus grace period of 180 days from sanction plan (March) i.e. Sept. But the same was forcefully changed in agreement to 24 months from date of agreement (May) OR 30 months from date of 35% payment (Oct 09), whichever is later (May). By doing this BPTP has enjoyed the crores of rupees and delayed the agreement OR even allotment to thousand of buyers, from Sept to May i.e. 9 Months

3. BPTP, played a cheating game, by getting signed an addendum for deliberate inclusion of Super Built up area, so that on this account they can unanimously charge money @ 5L / Floor later on.

· Accordingly, under their planned plot, they increased the super built up area without any certification of third party agency or Government Authorities or Financial Institutions. Following point have emerged, prove their illegal and fraud intentions:

· Why the Built up Area terms mentioned in application form is changed to Super Built up Area and why BPTP is making Flat Agreement instead of Floor Agreement and calling 3 Bedroom Kitchen Flat in their demands instead of Floor on 180 /250 /300 Sq. Yards plot.?

· I am sure that all the sanctions from competent authority will be for developing Floors not FLAT. WE have booked the Floor not FLAT hence Super Builtup Area not applicable.

· Why BPTP is not giving details of measurement certified by third paty?

· We are being charged a different rate of super built up area and BPTP forced us to sign it same in agreement.

· As per agreement any increased are a will be charged at the time of possession, why the demand is being raised now?

· Why the dealer discount is not applicable on increased super built up area if any.

· Service tax demanded by BPTP, since this demand will be extension to earlier stage wise construction demands and the demands before July service tax not applicable.

4. Cost of the house should not increase by 5-6 Lacs as compared to the amount which was advertised on the time of booking, highlighting the Elite Floor Project as a low cost housing project due to which 4900 customers had opted for this project. Now market being up, is it valid on part of BPTP to raise the cost of these units by 5-6 Lacs.

5. How could BPTP, having qualified architects and civil engineers, not foresee this 200 sq-ft increase of common area, not even during construction? Proposed construction plan and proposed drawing needs the approval of HUDA Authority, which is another stage of checking. Does this not reflect that mistake is not incidental?

6. If this increase of super built up area comes out to be say 500 sq-ft, in that case, will the customer have to pay Rs 10 Lacs more without increase of a single sq-ft of carpet area?

7. If customers bow before this unjustified demand and pay it, is there any assurance that BPTP will not ask for further money with same or similar reason?

8. Does “Tentative increase” of super built up area as mentioned in agreement have no upper limit? Can this deviation be of 15-20%?

9. Why “Super Built Up Area” terminology was not there in the original booking application and later in Builder Buyer Agreement? Why it was introduced later as an “Addendum” to agreement? Was consent (including option of not going for it) from the customers regarding this new term taken?

10. As per the clause no.1.15 of the Builder Buyer Agreement, the Final Super Buildup Area of the Floors shall be determined after the completion of construction of the said colony. This stage is yet to come, even then BPTP has asked money for increased super buildup area. Is it genuine?

11. As per Clause No.1.3 and 1.4 of the Builder Buyer Agreement, if the super built-up area will decrease, then the amount will be calculated on the Basic Sale Price and if the area will increase, then the increased area will be charge from higher rate (Rs.2, 425/-). Is this double standard not a method just to to be beneficiary in any case.

12. Most of the customers had taken loan for it. Even financing bank requires justification and proof about the increases area to finance additional loan, in absence of which, it denies the payment. How will they convince their respective banks?

13. Company has not intimated to the Bankers/Financial Institutions about the increase of super buildup area and not got re-sanctioned the revised plan and Value of the project. It is normal practice in Real Estate, that the Builder gets sanction/approval from financial institutions. Why BPTP has not done it?

14. Mail IDs of Key BPTP Management: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; Sudhanshu. [email protected]; Jawahar. [email protected]; Gobind. G[email protected]; Rajeev. [email protected];Vilakshan. [email protected]

You are requested to give voice to the injustice BPTP is doing with around 5000 people and save them from a loot of unjustified & Illegal Demand of 250 Crores.. For any clarification and details, we are ready with all support

Details of key Contacts:

· Mr Deepak Mathur, Mob: 9810906767 Email: [email protected], in

· Mr Sanjay Sharma, Mob:9716119897 / 98101-88267, Email: [email protected]

· Mr Gopal Vijay Mob: 9891911567, Email: [email protected]

· Mr Amit Grover, ONGC Ltd. Email: [email protected]

· Mr. Vikash Pathak, Mob: 9999114341, Email: [email protected]


Thanking you,


Company: Illegal Demand by BPTP

Country: India   State: Haryana   City: Faridabad

Category: Real Estate


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