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Airtel Service provider
Injustice in handelling the custome

This is Sunil from Bangalore. I applied for MNP from Idea to Airtel in May. Mobile number is 9964279464.

I submitted all the required documents like MNP form, address proof, photo and airtel enrollment form to the executive Sanath in Bannerghatta Road Airtel office. First time the porting request got rejected and I inquired about the same with Sanath. He asked me to wait for another 15 days so that current UPC code will be expired. After 15 days I applied for MNP by generating new UPC code. This time Sanath told me not to submit any document as I had submitted all the documents first time itself. He just sent a message with my UPC code, mobile number, Name and SIM number for porting. This time porting was successful and my idea number got ported to airtel.

After few days my outgoing calls were barred without even informing me through SMS or call. I called customer care and they asked me to submit address proof again. I submitted address proof in Indiranagar airtel office on 21-05 [Ack No: W52113] . I waited for another 3 days as informed by airtel offfice. But it was of no use. Again I called customer care after 3 days and they told me that my MNP form itself is not submitted. I really dont know what happened to the MNP form which I submitted to airtel office when I requested for MNP and also I dont know how airtel back office proceeded further to port a number without having valid MNP form! I had no other choice and I submitted MNP form, enrollment form, address proof and photo in Bannerghatta airtel office on 26-05 [Ack no: P5424, APEF no : 1735374].

My incoming calls were also barred on 28-05 without even informing me through SMS or call. Also I had submitted documnet two days before itself [26-05]. I gave a complaint to customer care on 31st May to check the status of my application. they asked me to wait for another 3 days to process that complaint. Nobody called me back or updated me regarding this in that 3 days. I called customer care after 3 days and they told me that the form which I submitted on 26-05 is not yet received by them!

I spoke to one of the manager in customer care from Indiranagar airtel office [ref no 0602099551] regarding all these delays. He promised me to solve my problem within Monday, 6th June. He also took my alternate contact number. He told me that the problem will be solved even if I dont submit the forms again. He also told me that its not necessary to submit again but it will be better if I can submit the forms again. So i submitted all the forms [MNP form, enrollment form, address proof and photo] again for 4th time in Indiranagar office on 04-06 [Ack no: T88873. APEF no : 2954853].

It was also of no use. I called customer care on Monday evening, 6th June. They took one more complaint and asked me to wait for 3 days! Already I am waiting from almost a month!! complaint number is 0530133309. I gave complaint to a lady called Bhavani. She was just listening to all the stories and she was not able to answer my questions properly. She told me that they have lot of customers facing problems and she cant give assurance to solve my problem as early as possible. I dont think this is a right attitude from a Supervisor of customer care.

My outgoing and incoming calls were barred. Its been almost a month. I am really fed up with following up all these things. Nobody has called me from airtel with any updates even after making so many complaints in custiomer care and even after submitting all the documents 4 times.

My outgoing and the incoming calls were barred for a month after this. I have sent the detailed mail to the airtel care head but there also i see the delay in handeling the customer.

After that my calls were activate after verification of the documents which been provided.

Now today again with out my notification, the connections been barred and I have sufferred a major inconviniece.

I tried calling customer care again today for three times (latest manjunath) and same reason is been given from them stating there are mismatch in the documents and they are refusing to activate the connection.


2. I have provided the document four times. Every time, its been rejected, but there is no answer from any one which document is not matching (till now this is unknown to me).

3. There is no proper co operation from the customer care. Every time they are asking us to wait and giving reason that, there are multiple department and they are not responsible for this. Internal department should be handelled with in the airtel and this headahe they should not give on Customer.

4. Who will fill the loss occured now for me in these period?

5., Why there is no transperancy in the customer care

6. Whey there is no prior notification to the customer either by call or by sms thay there is a mismatch in the document?

7. Whey there is no responisibiliry taken from the senior officials of the customer centre even after sending the mails with the ack no and all the details provided.

I hope there is some justice here for the inconvinience caused for me and I demand immediate action againest this..

Seeing forward for your resoponse, ..

Company: Airtel Service provider

Country: India   State: Karnataka   City: Bangalore

Category: Telecommunications


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