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Dell Laptop
Efund or whole unit replacement

I bought Dell Inspiron in October'2010 (Service Tag Number F2157BS). And within 2 month LCD was replaced because of dead pixel problem.

Then there was heating problem within 2 months and system was getting shut down because of overheating. So after contacting technical support team they said we are going to replace motherboard, hard disk, heat sink and exhaust fan. But I was not ready for that so after many conversations between me and technical support team, they said okay we will go for whole unit replacement.

I received my new laptop in February'2011 (Service Tag Number 1RNMXP1).

In September'2011 (If I am not wrong), again I logged a case regarding dead pixel problem and I was said like since there is only one dead pixel so we can't go for replacement if it will increase by 6-7 pixels then we will replace your LCD.

So when I noticed there are 7 dead pixels on my LCD then again I contacted technical support team. They told me send pictures of dead pixel. I sent them pictures but they told like we are not able to find 6-7 dead pixels in the pictures. I asked them to send technician to my place so that he can verify but they didn't agree and suggested me to visit service centre. In December'11 I visited service center in Bangalore and this time they replaced my LCD.

But the problem was not solved as I noticed (after 2-3 days) that the new LCD already has dead pixel.

So again I logged a case regarding dead pixel along with heating problem. This time again LCD, heat sink, exhaust fan and keyboard was replaced.

And this time also I noticed that the new LCD already has dead pixel and I informed the same to the guys who called me from Dell for the feedback and I clearly mentioned "to log a case regarding this but this time I am not going for part replacement first I will wait and check whether dead pixel will remain one or it will increase, but if it will increase I would like to go for refund instead of part replacement".

After 2-3 days I noticed dead pixels has increased to 4 and this was not accepted by me and I made a call to technical support team again and instead of part replacement or whole unit replacement I asked for refund of my money.

What I can see from my side is the problem remains same even after parts replacement and whole unit replacement. So there is no point of asking for any part replacement or whole unit replacement. Since within 3-4 days if dead pixels are increasing from 1 to 4 (after i got new LCD) so there is no point of asking for any more part replacement. And also the worst part is like within one month this would be the 3rd time for the same problem if i go for the part replacement and that is really not acceptable at all in any case.

What I can see from Dell's side is they are not able to solve the problems even after I went for both the parts replacement and the whole unit replacement as the problem remains the same. So there is no point of asking for any more parts replacement or whole unit replacement.

And that's made me to select an option of asking for refund. So I called technical team to raise a request for Refund. And after so many arguments and talking to senior person, the request was raised with case number 849976733 and was sent to the escalation team. I got a call from

Priyadharshini V

Senior Support Resolver

Dell| Consumer, Small and Medium Business

and I don't know whats her problem she is not ready to accept facts that I have faced till now. Only answer that she has is sorry sir at this stage neither refund or whole unit (system) replacement is possible, please go for warranty extension (as next month on 4thFebaury'2012 my laptops warranty is going to end). And she sent me a mail with three options

"As discussed we will have the system repaired as per Dell’s warranty terms and conditions. Below mentioned are the options to have the system repaired.

· Dell to depute an engineer with the relevant replacement parts to have the issue resolved.

· You can leave the system at a Dell service center and have the issue resolved.

· Dell can have the system collected from your residence to Dell’s Bangalore office and have the issue resolved and send the system back to you.

Kindly advise the best option for you, so that we can have the issue fixed at the earliest. We regret to inform you that we will not be able to provide you a system replacement."

I don't know if the technical team can understand my problem whats the problem with her.

But still something more has to come...

I got a message while starting my laptop

"The AC adapter type cannot be determined. This will prevent optimal system performance. Strike F3 key (before F1 or F2 key) if you don’t want to see power warning messages again. Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility"

I made a call to technical team that time only and they told me sir we will replace motherboard, battery and DC port. So totally motherboard, battery, DC port and LCD has to be replaced that I have put on hold as I had requested for refund. I requested technical team to arrange call with escalation team. This time also Priyadharshini called me and she had the same answer.

My laptop's warranty is going to end on 4thFebraury'2012 and I have no clue what to do. I did a mistake by buying dell laptop. I don't know what kind of product they are selling which gives hell of problems within one year warranty period.

I think I should get a full refund of my money back from Dell. but they are not at all cooperative. I can compare Dell's customer care and tech support only with a road side dealer. And believe me, the quality is no better than what you get in 'Chor bazaar'!

Can anyone please guide me what steps to take next? I know consumer court is an option, but I am trying to first resolve the case outside the court, but if nothing works out then consumer court is the only option for getting my money back including a compensation for the pain that Dell has given me!

(there are more to write about tech team and escalation team but I sticked to my problems)

Company: Dell Laptop

Country: India

Category: Computers & Services


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