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Complain regarding "Load Shedding"
Complain regarding "Load Shedding" on behalf of all the residents residing between "Vasai & Virar"

Dear sir,

I would like to complain regarding "Load Shedding" on behalf of all the residents residing between "Vasai & Virar".

You being the MD of "MahaVitaran" are already aware about the load shedding patterns and the minimum hours that are shedded in between the areas of vasai to virar. But considering the worsening scenario, I would like to bring to your notice the problems faced by the residents in these areas on an daily basis.

Please note the below:

Load shedded any time during the day - The MSEB officials shed the load any time; be it early morning / day or be it late night without any prior notice given to the residents.

This affects each and every individual {school/college going students, Housewives, working professionals and even small kids}

School/college going students have to go to school/college, attend tuitions, do homework, make presentations and many other things. They get very less leisure time to watch TV or play games which due to the absence of electricity is not possible.

Housewives have to look after their family, their food; which again due to electricity problem have to completed in a hurry.

Working Professionals return back home after their tedious work from office but when they reach home, there is no electricity. Even these people have very less leisure time in which they need to sit with their families and discuss, see some kind of entertainment which is again not possible.

The worst case is with the small kids, just born babies who cannot bear the rising temperature at all.

Invertor also doesnt stand for more time because when there is no light then how is invertor going to be charged? This results people sitting in the complete darkness for not less than 3 hours.

The cut down of electricity from roads creates black out everywhere and this results in increasing thefts, murders, and many other illegal things.

MSEB doesnt even grant sundays. Sundays when every family member is at home, the electricity has been cut down for not less than 9 hours. This is very bad that people cant even spend some good times with their families only one day a week is available.

As mentioned in the first point, the MSEB officials shed the load anytime and when the residents call up MSEB for the enquiry, most of the time their phone is being engaged, other time they speak very rudely, doesnt give proper answers or back answers them, misguides them by giving some other number saying that the area doesnot come in their zone. This is really very bad for MSEB belonging to the service industry, should learn to answer politely, speak politely, understand the residents problems rather than just understanding the cities problems.

Even the residents residing between vasai to virar are humans and not the animals. Please keep this thing in mind. Dont think that the people in cities are the only humans existing in earth. Even, we pay all government taxes, electricity bills on an timely basis; then why is this kind of discrimination done?

We do understand that energy crisis are going on but then, if you people have the powers and authority with you, then put some limitations in the so-called city areas as well. Limitation here doesnot mean load shedding in the city areas but yes, you can avoid extra lights in areas where already enough street light is available {Eg: Areas such as Mahalakshmi, Worli, Nariman point etc}. In these areas, already enough street lights are available then why is the need for four focus lights at a distance of just not more than two footsteps. At stations such as bandra, dadar, churchgate etc. advertisements along with the in-light/back-light are given on hoardings. In the smallest ad, minimum two tube-lights are required which are lit at every evening; which is just an waste of energy. Then, what is the use of such kind of energy wastage when already so much of energy crisis is going on? and moreover from where does the energy provided to these hoardings come from? It comes from load shedding done at our areas. But, then what is the use of such wastage of energy which is done by harrasing the local public residing at the areas between vasai to virar?

I would request you to please look into the matter and work some kind of solution with the help of your powers for the residents asap and helping them by lessening the increasing number of problems.

Also, please revert back with your reply with some steps worked towards it.

Thanks & Regards,

A Resident

Company: Complain regarding "Load Shedding"

Country: India   State: Maharashtra   City: Thane

Category: Miscellaneous


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