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MTC Bus - 21G
Delay in starting Reduction in stops


I travel to Perungalathur everyday from Mylapore and it takes not less than 2 hrs 1 way which includes travel and waiting time. I was in a hurry last evening and left office early to attend a personal need. I travel from Perungalathur to Tambaram and used to board 21G bus to Mylapore. I followed the same process last evening also.

I left office at 6.15 pm and reached Tambaram at 6.20 pm and boarded the 21G EXPRESS bus at 6.30 pm. The usual mad crowd pushed me into the bus with my minimal efforts. I managed to get a seat and almost 25 people were standing. The driver and conductor vanished for a tea and never returned for a very long time. Babies started crying... Kids became restless, arguements among 4 elders started and went into a quarrel for seats... ladies started getting worried and everyone started lookign at their watch... two more 21G buses which got parked after this bus also left and they were very far that it left before few people attempted to catch that and cam back to the same bus. After this hungama, comes our heros... conductor and driver at 7.40 pm which is more than an hour... and announces that the bus would go only till mandaveli... few ppl got down... then it got reduced furhter and he announced that only till kotturpuram... few more ppl got disgusted and got down... they missed the other buses also. No one was ready to argue and question them. Typically a very good plot for Shankar movies like Anniyan... everyone accomodates the demand and got down. I got extremely wild and asked ticket for Mylapore and he denied saying only till Mandaveli. I argued back saying we all missed 3 more proper buses thinking that you guys will be back soon and as it is an EXPRESS bus we can reach city as planned. Everyone had to travel 2 hours in that MTC bus which started 1 hour 10 mins late at its own pace... no reasons and justifications were given... stops were also reduced... the mostr frustrating part is that the public doest voice out their opinion/frustration and kept tolerating the changes made by the Govt employees. The bus number is TN-01-N-7499 and MNI 1675 was another number written in the corner. Do you think our country would progress at all with such irresponsible idiot Govt servants who doesnt know the value of time!!! Extremely annoying and depressing fact. No matter Director Shankar keeps producing such good thoughful films like Anniyan, Indian, Sivaji... CORRUPTION NEVER DIES IN INDIA!!! Shame on us. To extract money via taxes the govt is ready but not to address the local day-in and day-out issues! If there is any action taken on this driver and conductor which should be announced to public... I'm sure all the passengers would be glad. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day but everyone has variety of issues and problems which need to be addressed on time within this 24 hrs. Any delay in critical issues cannot get back the same time! Each Govt servant must undergo strenuous trainign (both mental and physical) to understand a common man's problem so that they are punctual in their work!!

In the hope of Govt servants learning the importance of punctuality and value of other's time, I remain.


Company: MTC Bus - 21G

Country: India   State: Tamil Nadu   City: Chennai

Category: Miscellaneous


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