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Billing without giving phone and modem

1. I was the customer of airtel brand-band and fixed line connection for more

than three years with prompt payment.

2. My number is 0431 4040 645

3. Since a semester I am traveling a lot. Hence I could not access the

brand-band connection so I planned to go for Airtel DATACARD

4. Enquired about airtel-datacard over phone and latter I sent my staff to

Thillainagar Airteloffice regarding this. There we got FIRST ILL TREATMENTthat

the staff there denied to answer about this over phone to me when my staff

could not understand the issue.

5. Despite that I continued my patronage to AIRTEL and latter because of

sustaining non-usage, I planned to surrender. I got the procedures for


6. I surrendered modem and phone with a payment of Rs. 1000 which is the due as

on the date of surrender.

7. After that one of the representative came to my office and requested to

change the plan.

8. I felt happy then. Because that was our number for more than 3 years. I

accepted for Rs. 250 plan. The representative informed me that the instrument

will be fixed within 3 workings days.

9. The same confirmation, I got from a message also. SECOND DISAPPOINTMENTthat

no instrument came for me for a fortnight. Because of my urgent requirement, I

purchased MTS Datacard.

10. On AIRTEL bill date, I got bill for Rs.250 for the revised plan without the

instrument. Hence I didn't pay.

11. THIRD DISAPPOINTMENT, I got a call from from Trichy regarding the payment.

I said the situation and the caller told me to come back after clarification.

But none came.

12. FOURTH DISAPPOINTMENT, Within a week's of time I got call from Chennai about

the payment. I repeated the same story and the caller ended with "come back to

you after clarification" but none came.

13. FIFTH ILL TREATMENT, Latter A person came to my home in my absence and asked

about the money to my parents as if I am a defaulter, despite the loyal

customer for 3 years paid without pending.

14. SIXTH DISAPPOINTMENT, Finally Mr Zahir from Thillai Nagar Office came and

met me personally. I told him the same and asked where-about the PHONE and

MODEM instrument and told him I will not pay even a penny unless you close the

dues for revised plan for which no instrument given. He accepted and asked

about earlier usage of Rs. 500 to settle completely. I gave a cheque and told

him such issues should not come hereafter. He assured and left with cheque.

Even I did not bother about my advance deposit if any.

15. SEVENTH ILL TREATMENT, After this also another person in the next month came

and asked about the same pending bill. I said call Mr Zahir over phone. Zahir

told this information to the new fellow (I don't know his name). Immediately he

left my venue without any courtesy and any information regarding what he was

told by Zahir. I first worst Fellowseeing in person from AIRTEL Office.

16. SEVENTH WORST ILL TREATMENT, the utmost worst treatmentwas happened this

morning, Mr Parthasarathy, the caller called me again for the due. I told him

call Zahir and close my issues. He defend like he is perfect and advised me

unless I close my dues, the issue will persist. I said I didn't get the

instrument and this issue was already closed with Mr Zahir. Once again I told

to close the issue and inform me after discussing with Mr Zahir. Because I

don't want to be disturbed hereafter. During the conversation he irritated me,

hence I called him singler name without any scolding word. HE CALLED ME

NON-STOP FOR FIVE TIMESdespite my cutting calls without discussing with Mr.

Zahir. [I was in session and around 50 trainees in the class also, imagine how

embarrassing situation]

I am a trainer and busy with training session. Stop calling me for the mistakes

of your side.

Thanks for your wonderful treatment for a loyal customer [ashamed of myself for

my first preference to AIRTEL datacard in need.]

There is no any communication regarding my advance deposit with airtel, I hope

AIRTEL cheated me. [I got a call regarding this also I don't want to report


I could remember the day one with AIRTEL. AIRTEL came to my home and greeted

for becoming customer. Now you have grown up so worst treatment.

It took more than one hour to draft and a bit of irritation


T K Sridhar

Airtel Custome

Company: Airtel

Country: India

Category: Electronics and household app.


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