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Credit card issue
Non receipt of Credit Card No. 4718610001858910 from Axis Bank

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is for your kind information one card is issued in my name in Chandigrh City but during this period i was based at Delhi.

After contiunes follow up with bank till date issue is not resolved. Please find my comment and bank comment. Please read and give me soluation as i am in big tension and troble.

My Question and Bank Comment :

Dear Mr. Jha,

This is with reference to your e-mail dated January 25 to [email protected] regarding your Cibil Report.

Thank you for writing to us.

1) What was your base of investigation???

This is to inform you that, Card sourced in year 2008 basis Card-for-card (C4C). HDFC Card statement attached with card as 4346 XXXX XXXX 4712 PAN card copy received from you is matching with the one provided in card application form. Your date of birth is an exact match with the application form.

CARD RECEIVING DETAILS: Also as per our records, the card was delivered to through Bluedart Courier received by Jitender -Self -PC-AGDPJ9664Q on 07072008 734978 & AWB 44144196983 - The PAN given is an exact match with your PAN shared.

SIGNATURE: The signature on the self-attested docs per card application form seems matching with the signature as given in the attached documents sent by you.

MERCHANT INVESTIGATION: As per transactions carried on cards in year transaction observed on Merchant: Max New York Life Insurance. Details retrieved and it came into light that the policy is in the name of: Mr. Mukesh Kumar. Few transactions observed on IRCTC. Details retrieved showed the same name: Mr. Mukesh Kumar.

Other Points to Note:

You have confirmed of having raised the similar sort of dispute with HDFC Bank for their card 4346 7720 0489 4712 (same card for which the statement attached to Axis card application form)

Call to the customer ex-employer (ASTRA ZENCA PHARMA) in Chandigarh confirms that Mukesh & Jatinder were working with their organization and were good friends. But currently have left the job.


As a bank we offered full support to complainant and even requested that in case he knows Mr. Mukesh Kumar then he should help us to nab the culprit and recover money, to which complainant showed no proper interest.

2) Who has signed the Credit Card application???

The sign reads the name as Jatinder Kumar Jha.

3) Who has received the Credit Card (Received Signature) and Where???

The card was delivered to through Bluedart Courier received by Jitender -Self -PC-AGDPJ9664Q on 07072008 734978 & AWB 44144196983 - The PAN given is an exact match with the complainant's PAN shared.

4) Where this card is issued???

The card is issued to Chadigarh Location and to the office mailing address of the complainant's ex-company's chandigarh office address (ASTRA ZENCA PHARMA INDIA LTD, Plot No. 182/72, Industrial Area, Phase - 1, Chandigarh)

5) What is mother name written in Application Form??

Raj Kumari Jha

6) Send the Credit Card Statement and where this is used??

The credit card statement has been delivered to you on regular basis.

7) What is the email ID written on Form???

No e-mail address mentioned in the form

For any further assistance or clarifications, please write in to us or call us on our 24-hour customer service help line numbers [1800-233-5577, 1800-209-5577, 1800-103-5577 and 91-22-27648000 (chargeable and accessible outside India as well)].

We assure you the best of our services.


Customer Service Desk

AXIS Bank - Credit Card

CS 133

Against this my comment and Question to Bank

&&&&&&&&Original Message&&&&&&&&&&--

From: JITENDRA KUMAR[[email protected]]

Sent:1/28 9:17:05 PM

To: [email protected], [email protected]

Subject: Re: Re: Fwd: Non receipt of Credit Card No. 4718610001858910

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for your reply. But still few point is not clear. So please

find below my comment against your given comments and requesting you

to please reply on urgent basis to close the issue.

Point No. 1. As per your statement card is issued based on the PAN

card copy attached along with the form.

My Question :1) During processing have you cross check the signature

which is done on form and on the supporting document (appearing on

PAN Card )??? As during phyically checked all document (

Application form and on supporting document), my signatures are not

matching. Also during investigation your team has also accepted the

same (As stated by investigation team: signature is matching 50-60%


Important point: On PAN card my photo is also appearing So why your

representive have not asked about me means Where is the applicant.

Most Important Point: I have already shared with your investigation

team that from May to Oct i was based in Delhi not in

Chandigarh and also i have submitted my proof which shows i was in

Delhi When your investigation team has asked.

Point No. 2 As per your statement this card was used by Mukesh Kumar (

as refered by your Merchant Investigation) not by me (Jitendra Kumar


Important Point: When i have asked your investigation team that if

you are aware where this card is used and who issued this. So as a

organisation it is easy for you to find out that person very easily

because you can easily approach to other Bank/Oragnisation instead of

me as a indivisual. Because i am not aware the process and Bankers are

not allowed to share the personal information of there client to

individual. At that time your investigation team has shown the nagtive


Point No.3 : In which number and what is the name of person who has

confirm that we are good friends.??? Because i was in Delhi and he (

Mukesh Kumar) was based on Chandigarh. And when i have asked this

question to investigation team they has not replyed and as per him we

could not share due security reason.

Important Point: We were worked in same organisation not in same

place. (Please refer your mail).

Most important Point: Is this possible such a personal, confidencial

and crucial document could be handed over to others without my

presence. (How did the courrier boy or your representive knows that

he was my friend).

Most Most Important Point: Your investigation team has told me that

we will give me full support to find out the culprit. But i have told

him why not you are complaining against him. Because you are knowing

better than me and what kind of help you want from me. As informed by

your investigation team that Mr. Mukesh kumar a defaulter of 4 credit

card. But no interest was shown from him.

Point No.4 (Please refer 2 on trailing mail).

Question: When application was signed, surely phyically your

representative was present there. So why they have not match the

person and with PAN Card photo??? (Please send me the scan copies

of application form and other supporting document)

Important Point: As per your trailing mail sign reads the name as

Jatinder Kumar Jha. But please refer my sign on PAN Card (copy is

with you) is reads as Jitendra Kumar Jha.

Most Important Point: And also during phyically checked the document and

form by me. As per me not even 1% Sign is matching with my origional

Sign (Please refer on PAN Card).

Point No. 5 (Please refer Q.3 in trailing mail)

Please send me the scan of receipt sheet and PAN card copy provided at

the time of receipt.

Point No. 6 (Please refer Q.No. 4)

How this could be possible a person living in Delhi and Card is issued

in his name in Chandigarh???

Important Point: I have already shared with your investigation team

that i was based on Delhi not in Chandigarh. I have already shared

Proof with your investigation team in this regard.

Point No. 7 (Please refer Q.No.5)

My mother name is Indira Devi (Already given proof) not Raj Kumari Jha.

Question: When i was trying to log complain in Customer Care after

knowing this fraud. They have not log any complain in this regard

because my mother name was not matching with your record. Then why you

have not asked this proof at the time of processing of application


Point No. 8 (Please refer Q. No.6).

Question: I have already shared that i was based on delhi then how i

could received the statement??? (Send the Credit Card Statement on

my mail).

Point No. 9 (Please refer Q.No.7).

During processing of application form why your representative has not

asked to person to complete the form??? As Mail ID is also very

important information to know about the person.

Please be requested that kindly have a look and given your positive

response on this.

Best Regards,


Company: Credit card issue

Country: India   State: Maharashtra   City: Mumbai City

Category: Business & Finance


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