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Microwave Oven not working

Is it fair – Period of service / maintenance – 1 year (and counting) and the period of usage by consumer (barely 2 months)?

I am one of the customers (unfortunate to be) of Electrolux. I bought Microwave oven (Electrolux MW EM22EC80 SS) from Vijay Sales, Vashi, Indian outlet (Ref Invoice no, 15-VSH01-09SICD 537 dated 26th January) for INR 6, 990/-. It seems that buying an Electrolux oven is the most unhappy thing of my life.

I realized that the oven supplied to me had a dented cabinet.. I called up Vijay Sales and lodged a complaint to replace my cabinet. During this period, I did not even use my oven to ensure that the cabinet is replaced and is kept in the packed condition for the technician to come and verify my complaint. Vijay Sales employees did not help except providing me the contact details of the service center and letting me shuttle between the two. With no response from Vijay Sales and Electrolux Service Centre, I was left with no option but to continuously follow up with both of them to do the needful, although they were merely passing the buck to each other. Finally, after more than five months, a person came and replaced my cabinet. I was shocked to see the quality of service offered by company Electrolux (total lack of customer care). A mere replacement of cabinet took more than five months when the technician had verified and confirmed my complaint at the first visit itself. I was horrified to see the lacki of customer care on the part of both parties involved.

This was not the end of story. I started using the oven and soon realized that the coating / plastic near the door had started melting. I again lodged the complaint somewhere in July and was informed that some technician from Tek Care India Pvt. Ltd. / Electrolux service centre would visit us. On the day of 12th October (more than three months after my complaint and after continuous follow - ups), a representative of Electrolux (named Somnath) came to my home to verify my claim. He made a technical report and informed me that he would discuss this with his senior Ahmed Sheikh (9324573340) and let me know the further course of action in 15 days. Considering the quality of Electrolux, I should have expected that there wouold be no response, however, I was hoping against hopes. As a result, I kept following up with the Electrolux service centre. Finally on 18th December Somnath took my oven away for repair. In the meantime, I was made to shuttle between Ahmed Sheikh and the Electrolux Customer Care (!) (telephone number provided on the website). Some of the complaint numbers (which I started recording after repeated and failed attempts to elicit a response from the concerned persons), are THA 1801100356, THA 0902100359, THA 0501300622. In fact, I was shocked to learn that my actual problem / complaint is not registered on calls made to the customer care (they write what they think is the problem, and not what I tell them!) The customer care executives are reluctant to even read out the complaint as written by them. I also had an occasion to talk to the “senior” at the customer care centre (named Alok). To my horror, he mentioned that the service center handles only minor technical issues and does not deal with cases like mine. In fact, Alok very conveniently asked me to contact Ahmed Sheikh directly and not to call on the customer care number. If you wish to experience hell (without dying of course), I suggest, it may be a good idea to talk to a customer care executive here with a problem.

Continuing to narrate my plight, till 27th March I kept on following up with the customer care as well as with Ahmed Sheikh, and was informed of false reasons and assurances that the oven is stock – would be provided soon, oven has been sent for repair, etc. After almost nine months from my first complaint, I have been provided a used and shabby oven on 27th March – which is of no use-since it is not working. Even at my query as to when would I get my oven back, I have been given no response as there is no assurance that I would ever receive my oven back. In fact, Ahmed Sheikh has categorically stated (after nine months from my first complaint), that he cannot do anything in the matter and I should directly contact the concerned personnel of the company.

The following table will give you an overview of the agony that I am suffering after I bought the oven:

Particulars Dates Period when oven was used Period when oven was not used / with Electrolux for service maintenance

Date of Purchase of oven 26th January NIL

Date of lodging first complaint of dent in cabinet Somewhere in start of Feb NIL Around 4 months from Feb till May

Date when cabinet was replaced Somewhere in May NIL

Date of lodging second complaint relating to melting of door Somewhere in July Around 2 months from May till July

Resolution of my problem Not yet!!! NIL 8 months from July till March and do not how long it would be

Total 2 months 12 months

I should also bring it to your notice that the fact that there is no dedicated email address available to lodge consumer service complaints in India is also tarnishing the image of Electrolux as a brand in India.

Company: Electrolux

Country: India   State: Maharashtra   City: Mumbai City

Category: Electronics and household app.


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